As many of us continue to stick close to home this winter, we have to get creative in the ways we keep the kids entertained. Fortunately, with a bit of ingenuity and a positive attitude, you can do just that. Here are a few tips from Wow Wow Meow to help you keep even the youngest members of your household engaged throughout the winter season.
Get Creative Together 
Creativity comes in many forms, and what you choose to do will depend upon your and your children's interest. But one thing that appeals to most ages and stages is making up fun stories. Take your creativity one step further by illustrating your literary masterpiece. Then hit Zoom and share your stories with friends and family. Another activity that can spark creativity coloring. At Wow Wow Meow, you can find kids' activity books full of coloring pages as well as puzzles.
Learn Your Family History
Every person alive is the result of DNA passed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time. As such, each individual is a story in themselves, and their family history has much to tell. Utilize online resources to help your children learn more about what makes them who they are. Talk to grandparents, research surnames, and create a map of where your roots were planted in the earliest days of your family line. 
Another fun activity is to visualize your family tree. This can be done online or the old-fashioned way, with crayons, markers, and paper. As you discuss grandparents, great-grandparents, and other relatives long past, you will each discover a little more about the lives that were necessary to make you who you are today. 

Move and Groove
Unfortunately, when the weather outside is frightful, you have to figure out ways to stay active inside. Start by hosting a dance party with the kids. Your first step is to clear out the living room, create a kid-friendly playlist, and then turn the radio up. While you don't have to follow any particular choreography, there are some dances, such as The Macarena, that are fun for kids of all ages. As an added bonus, you'll work up a sweat and get your heart rate up. 


Gather For A Game
Just one generation ago, gathering for a game meant grabbing the cards or laying a board out on the coffee table. Today, gaming has an entirely different meaning. Most kids now relate to online video games. While too much screen time is a bad thing, the right amount can help boost children's cognitive abilities. Gaming also serves as a much-needed break, particularly for those of us still handling virtual education while working and self-isolating. To get started gaming, make sure your device can handle streaming and downloading game apps without interruptions. If it's time for a new phone or tablet, you may want to consider doing a trade-in to help you save on your upgrade.
Explore The World. 
Finally, don't be afraid to explore the world from the comfort of your computer. While travel probably isn't an option right now (at least, until summer), the kids can join any one of dozens of VR field trips available online. Ellis Island, Colonial Williamsburg, and ancient Greece are all just a few clicks away. Plan a new adventure every day, and winter will feel more like a wonderland than ever.
It's in the nature of children to get bored when stuck indoors. Stop boredom before it starts by engaging and staying active. From hosting a dance party to learning about your family history, the above tips will allow your children to explore themselves and their world in a new way each day. 
Thank you to Carrie Spencer who wrote this fabulous blog article for Wow Wow Meow. Her blog: