How to Safely Decorate Your Home and Throw a Party for the Holidays

New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching, and it’s time to get to work decorating your home.  So how do we come up with a safety-conscious, unique decorating plan and throw a festive New Year’s Eve party this year?  WIth these tips, tricks, and safety precautions from Wow Wow Meow, your holiday decorations and party will be a big hit!

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Safety First

If you put up a tree, remember to keep a few things in mind.  Live trees need to be kept away from heat sources and hydrated regularly.  Keep it watered and check the water level every other day.  If you choose an artificial tree, be sure that it is fire resistant.

Check all your lights for safety issues.  Look for loose connections, frayed wires, or broken sockets and replace them. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has guidelines for seasonal light safety on their website for easy consultation.

Try using unbreakable ornaments when possible, and keep more delicate ornaments away from children and pets.  Avoid using decorations that resemble food or candy, as they can also pose a hazard for young children and pets.  
Poinsettias are popular during the holidays and look beautiful around the house.  Unfortunately, these plants are poisonous when ingested.  If you have pets and young children it might be safer to go with a non-poisonous alternative.

Easy Holiday Decorating

Wreaths are easy ways to adorn your home with holiday flair.  Make a wreath of your own by getting a plain pine one and decorating it with small ornaments, curlicues, ornaments, faux snow, and a big bow.  
Make a mantel pretty by draping a pine garland and accent with some glass vases filled with candy canes or sparkly ornaments.  Or take holiday cards from previous years and hang them with clothespins from a long thin stick suspended from two vases on the mantel. 

Thread some unique ornaments on ribbons and dangle them from stair rails, light fixtures, or window frames to add holiday cheer to any room.  
Create beautiful holiday displays by filling different sized glassware or vases with ornaments, candy, faux snow,  cranberries, or holiday greenery.  Place these in groupings of three on your dining table, end tables, countertops, shelves, or mantel.  

Tie big silver bells with fancy ribbon to your front door knob or on your mailbox with some greenery to create a festive entrance to your home.  You can also hang silver bells from the wreath on your door or windows for an extra touch of holiday cheer.  

Festive Party Planning

Planning a holiday party doesn’t have to be difficult.  Start by making a list to plan out necessities and logistics.  Plan some foods that can be prepared ahead of time like hearty winter soups or stews, which can easily feed a crowd, served with dinner rolls on the side.  Stock up on cookies, crackers, and nuts.  These are great to offer on tables for guests to munch on at will during the party.  Don’t forget to delegate some drinks, appetizers, or desserts to guests- they will likely be grateful to donate something for coming to your holiday celebration.  

Turn your dining table into a buffet table, which will easily let guests serve themselves.  Pull the table away from the wall to give access to all sides and avoid the forming of lines.  Use items from around your house for easy centerpieces, like a bowl full of ornaments, pinecones, or candy canes. 
Set the mood with some holiday music playing low in the background of your party.  Make a playlist with enough songs to not repeat frequently over the course of the night.  

Have an outdoor space where guests can mingle and relax. You can bring some of your holiday decorations outside, and set up the space with blankets, candles and even a fire pit. If you don’t currently have a fire pit, this guide from Redfin offers six different types to consider, all easily put together in a day! 
In the event of guests bringing an unexpected gift, keep a few inexpensive, wrapped presents in a closet to give out just in case.  You will keep your reputation as a gracious host intact.

With some planning and easy decor, your home and New Year’s Eve party will be a winter wonderland of fun and festivities.

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