Over the last few years ‘Escape Room’ parties have become increasingly popular. They are a perfect group activity, for everyone to get involved! But what is it all about?...well as the name suggests, you have to physically 'escape the room', and you do this by solving several games & puzzles. 

Originating from Asia, these popular strategy based room games have evolved over the years, and becoming a popular activity for children’s parties, bridal parties, birthdays & a fun activities to do with friends!

The rooms are often themed, for example space, Egyptians or science based. You will be involved in the story playing out to help defuse a bomb, find a missing person, cure a virus, or help solve the mystery! The room will be decorated according to the theme or story. Think outside the box, to solve the challenges which can range from logical puzzles, looking for keys, to small crosswords, to putting together physical objects & pattern matching. After completing several tests, you will have to find a key, lock combination or uncover mechanisms that open the locked door to escape! Normally the participants will have 60 minutes to solve all the riddles, puzzles and clues to win. 

For a children’s party, please keep in mind that many of the escape rooms may not be suitable for under 10s, but this depends on the company & theme of the room.

We have a selection of Escape Room Party invites here: