Donut walls are a must-have feature at many parties, especially weddings, but what has led to this very popular sprinkly treat being adorned on walls? 

Often these are a great replacement for huge wedding cakes, they are fun, modern and appeal to all ages, allowing the guests to pick a donut that takes their fancy! They come in many flavours, from the popular glazed to chocolate sprinkles, and often adorned with nuts or icing!

You can always commission a bakery to create a section of donuts to compliment any wedding color scheme.

Cute phrases are usually written above the wall, for example…A ‘Hole’ Lotta Love, Donut Leave Me Hangin’, We Donut Want This Night To End!.

Many couples do consider the look of their wedding to be key, with the majority or guests being on social media, having a photo appealing reception is often top of the bride & groom's wish list & donut walls are certainly instagrammable!

Donut walls don't have to be huge and can be purchased or hired in a range of sizes. They can be a small focus point or designed to be apart of a larger display table with cake pops, cupcakes & other tasty treats. These usually include around 20 donut pegs, but they can also be scaled up for huge events, to include 100+ donut pegs, to make sure all guests can choose a tasty treat! 

At Wow Wow Meow, we love a donut or two, and have selected some
of our favourite donut invitation designs below!