Llamas have been popular for a few years and are defiantly still a firm favourite, and It’s easy to understand why our tall necked furry friends are so adored, from their big eyes to their little fluffy tails!

Not only are llamas and alpacas a popular party choice but they can also be found everywhere, from home interiors to fashion, including cushions, throws, cups and even toys, to socks and sweaters...oh and of course invites!

Llama parties are suitable for all age ranges, and can be complimented with tassel banners, cactus touches and floral hints, meaning these parties are super easy to create no matter your budget!

Despite looking similar at first glance, Llamas & Alpacas are quite different. Alpaca's have shorter ears & are smaller in weight. Llamas have longer faces and have less hair on their faces.  Alpacas love to live in packs, but Llamas are more independant animals...but despite their differences, they are both adorable!

Llama & Alpaca parks are a popular choice for children's parties, the guests can go and see a range of animals, with the Llamas & Alpacas being the main attraction. Or if you fancy a more low key, on location party, you can simply have a Llama themed celebration with bright banners, aztec table cloths & of course a llama cake.

At Wow Wow Meow, we are a huge fan of Llamas & we had so much fun creating our Llama Invitation range. Check out some of our invitations here:



We've selected a few fab llama products from Amazon to give you some ideas on where to get started if you have your heart set on a Llama themed birthday!


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