If you're hosting a summer party and thinking of new ideas to wow your guests, why not start with the drinks. Drinks are an obvious essential at any party, whether it’s cocktails or mocktails, and the finishing touches can impress your guests & create an interesting talking point. 

Party hosts are swapping out colourful umbrellas & fan paper straws, in favour of flower & fruit ice cubes & delicate sprigs of herbs to create the perfect instagrammable photos!


  • Buy editable flowers and freeze in ice cube trays with water to create a stunning focus point in any light coloured cocktail or mocktails! 
  • Freeze fruit in ice cube trays, try out whole berries like blackberries, blueberries or raspberries or even tiny slices of lemon or lime… mix and match to create fun color combinations.
  • Sprigs of mint or rosemary twisted along the top of the glass adds an elegant finishing touch, choose a herb to compliment the flavours of the drinks.
  • Swap out the obvious paper straws for stunning reusable gold, rose gold or silver metal straws to add a touch of class to each drink and also help the environment. 
  • Instead of a predictable half a lemon slice on the side of a glass, try fresh watermelon chucks or dried fruit slices to add a unique element.
  • Dried out citrus slices can add a rustic touch as a topper too!


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